ATA EAT-2 Pull Cord Remote




The ATA EAT-2 (Easy Access Transmitter) hangs from the manual release cord on some ATA Operators.

It is a suitable replacement for the version with the black button but not the grey button, if yours has a grey button you require the EAT-1 version.

Compatible with the following

Roller Door Motors

  • GDO6v3 EasyRoller
  • GDO6v4 EasyRoller
  • GDO8v3 Shedmaster
  • GDO10v2 Toro
  • GDO10v3 Toro
  • GDO12 Hiro
  • And all other compatible TrioCode receivers and motors

Sectional Door Motors

  • GDO7v2
  • GDO7v3
  • GDO9v2
  • GDO9v3
  • GDO11v1
  • ATS-2 Tempo
  • ATS-3 Syncro
  • And all other compatible TrioCode receivers and motors

Gate Motors

  • SGO1v3 Elite
  • SGO1v4 Elite
  • NES24v2 NeoSlider
  • NES24v3 NeoSlider
  • NES500 Neoslider
  • NES800 NeoSlider
  • And all other compatible TrioCode receivers and motors

Industrial Openers

  • Axess Pro Series 3100 (Logic Console Only)
  • Axess Pro Series 3300 (Logic Console Only)
  • Axess Pro 1505 Overhead
  • Axess Pro 600 Slider
  • Axess Pro 800 Slider
  • Axess Pro 200 Swing
  • Axess Pro 400 Swing