Internal Floor Mounted Garage Door Lock




This heavy duty lock secures the door to the floor on the inside

  • The internal door bracket is made from 3mm & 6mm steel.
  • It has been made with the purpose to fit commercial & domestic doors.
  • It has 4 holes to accommodate the 8mm cup head fixing bolts.
  • It comes with a reinforcing plate that fits to the outside of the roller door to give added strength to the unit.
  • The reinforcing plate has 2 square holes punched in it to accommodate the squares of the cup head bolts.
  • All quality welded & zinc treated to prevent corrosion
  • The concrete fixings are hardened and 50mm long.
  • Each fastener has more hold down power than a 10mm sleeve anchor.
  • Masonry Drill bit size 6.5mm.

Dimensions: 150mm Wide x 110mm Deep


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